Thursday, April 23, 2009

Must be exam season

The non-stop parade of students coming through the department complaining about their grades can mean only one thing: it must be time for finals. There is no shortage of people (undergrad and MBAs) who, in anticipation of their exams, think it would probably be a good idea to come whine to their professors about their sub-par performance so far this semester, looking for some kind of assurance that the final won't be that hard, that the class will be graded on a curve, that despite flunking the midterm and missing five classes in a row, they can still get a good grade. Now, normally I couldn't care less, but today they seem to all be funneling into the office across the hall from mine, whose occupant must certainly be nearly deaf, judging by the volume of his voice.

[to the Professor Across the Hall: SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!

Not even my ipod can drown him out... so much for having a productive afternoon.

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  1. Thanks for the comment on our blog, Grace! We actually used that food not long after that entry with GREAT results. However after that Sophie had a few UTI's and it was determined she had issues that needed to put her on a urinary SO food, since that causes more problems than the allergies. We still try to keep her as wheat-free as possible but are just glad she's healthy (and no more UTI's woo!)

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and YEA BUGGS!!!!!!